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Erica and Stuart were the first Australian Podiatrists to travel to France to learn from the pioneers of Podiatech technology.

Erica and Stuart travel to France annually to work alongside and learn from the pioneers of Podiatech technology.

The latest European technology, a customised orthotic made whilst you wait. After assessment, your feet are cast in a silicon box, corrections checked, and your Podiatech orthotics are made while you watch and you are able to wear them the same day.

Podiatech orthotics assist with pressure distribution and have excellent shock absorption properties.

They are fantastic for plantar fasciitis, Knee Pain (Osteoarthritis in Knees), Neuromas, diabetes and the rheumatic foot also paediatrics with growing pains and developmental correction.

Same Day Orthotics

Same Day Orthotics - Erica Dash Podiatry

Podiatech Orthotics are able to reduce or even correct in-toe (pigeon toe) or excessive out toe on the same day in both children and adults. 

Our aim is to let you walk as normal as possible, taking away the stress and pain. 

Erica Dash Podiatry are proud to be the Central Coast's leading supplier of Podiatech orthotics, we can make and fit your customised orthotics on the same day. 

Simply call 43670177 or Click Here to fill out the Same Day Orthotics Appointment Request Form.

Video attribution: Podiatech Sidas Medical

Our Podiatry Services

Erica and her experienced team offer the complete feet treatment.

Erica’s team gives patients professional, up to date knowledge using the latest technology in her state of the art consulting rooms.

Erica Dash Podiatry is family friendly treating a wide range of foot and leg complaints of patients of any age or stage of life.

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