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Foot Mobilisation

Foot Mobilisation Therapy

Foot Mobilisation Technique is a gentle, hands-on, manual therapy used to improve foot function without the need of orthotics or changes in footwear.

Foot Mobilisation therapy allows your feet and legs to move through their natural, correct range of motion, fixing their position with the movement.

What is Foot Mobilisation Therapy?

Foot Mobilisation Therapy, commonly referred to as FMT, is a gentle, correctional force applied to the joints in the feet.

Each foot is a highly complex unit with 26 bones and 33 joints and hundreds of muscles, tendons and ligaments.

If one of your 26 bones in your feet is forced slightly out of place (or mildly subluxes) or one of your 33 joints is not functioning in its optimum position then the whole foot and ankle, leg and body become effected.

Foot Mobilisation Therapy is a gentle manipulative therapy that adjusts and corrects the positions of the bones in the feet by moving the joints through their full range of motion and freeing up restrictions, thus improving your angle and base of gait.

After a course of Foot Mobilisation Therapy you will be able to move and balance better due to your refined joint function. Your movement and muscle strength will also improve.

Foot Mobilisation Therapy should improve your performance and reduce injury without the need of medication, surgery, orthotics or changes to footwear.

Who is Foot Mobilisation Therapy For?

Mobilisation therapy is for anyone suffering joint stiffness, or foot, leg, knee or hip pain. It is a useful treatment modality for those wishing to improve their foot and ankle function.

FMT is particularly helpful in reducing the pain associated with bunions or bunionettes.

Your podiatrist will positionally correct the bones in your feet, by means of gentle manipulation, freeing up joint restrictions and then prescribe very specific stretching and strengthening exercises throughout your course of therapy to improve your foot structure, function and overall performance.

Be patient as this may take some time, it has taken years for your feet to lose their natural shape, now both you and your podiatrist are working together to correct the structure of your feet.

No referral is necessary to attend our clinic.

Foot Mobilisation Techniques

Foot Mobilisation Techniques are useful treatment options for those with neuromas. by correcting subluxations and prescribing foot strengthening exercises most people are able to restore their transverse arch and relieve the pressure on their neuroma.

FMT is useful in promoting better balance and reducing the risk of falls by freeing up restrictions and improving the range of motion of 33 joints in each foot. Both you and your podiatrist will improve the arches in the foot and stabilize your ankle.

FMT is useful in treating plantar fasciopathy (commonly called plantar fasciitis) and Achilles tendinopathy.

At Erica Dash Podiatry we offer two forms of mobilisation therapy:

  1. Foot Mobilisation Therapy – a series of manipulative appointments with specific individualised exercises to positionally correct mild subluxations of the bones in your feet – good for conditions such as neuromas, metatarsalgia, cuboid syndrome, unstable knees and early bunion deformity.
  2. Foot mobilisation through muscle energy technique – A therapy whereby your muscle energy is used to correct the position of the talus (the small bone sitting under your tibia) thereby allowing more flexibility of your calf muscles and hamstrings thus relieving the pull on your heel and improving your posture. This form of foot mobilisation is good for plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, genu recurvatum, knee OA and ankle stiffness.

Foot Mobilisation Therapy is a good treatment option for foot and ankle pain, stiffness, or even arthritis as by freeing up restrictions within your 33 foot joints your podiatrist is effectively increasing the amount of synovial fluid within the joint capsule and lubricating your joints.

If your footwear will not accommodate an orthotic, or you simply don’t wish to wear one, then Foot Mobilisation Therapy may be the treatment option for you.

By correcting the position of the 26 bones in each foot, and freeing up your joints, coupled with stretching, strengthening and stabilizing exercises your muscles will ultimately hold your feet and body in the correct position.

Conditions Foot Mobilisation Technique will Help

    • Plantar Fasciitis
    • Achilles Tendinitis
    • Bunions and Bunionettes
    • Over Pronation
    • Under Pronation
    • Heel Pain
    • Morton’s Neuroma
    • Shin Splints
    • Leg Problems
    • Arthritic Pain and much more!

    Why Choose Erica Dash Podiatry?

    Erica completed her training in FMT in 2008. Since completeing her foot mobilisation technique course, she has taught other Central Coast Podiatrists her knowledge and sees it repeated in their clinics.

    By having Foot Mobilistation Therapy at Erica Dash Podiatry, you and your podiatrist can choose the correct mobilisation technique for you.

    A full 12 week course of mobilisation may be required coupled with stretching, strengthening and stabilizing exercises to free up restrictions within your ankle joints and release synovial fluid; or it may be a single treatment of talus correction through your muscle energy.

    You can be sure the podiatrists at Erica Dash Podiatry will select the correct treatment plan for you. In some cases talus correction needs to be repeated, however usually if this is the course of foot mobilization correct for you, it can usually be completed in one or two visits.

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