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by | May 18, 2021 | Podiatry

When most people think of a podiatrist they think of feet, ingrown toenails and corns.  The podiatrists at Erica Dash Podiatry are so much more than feet.

While we are happy to attend to general foot care including things like toenail cutting, pain free removal of corns and callouses, and clearing of that nagging ingrown toenail, we pride ourselves in taking care of the whole person.

The podiatrists at Erica Dash Podiatry are all eager to keep you active and healthy and enable you to continue doing the things you love pain free.

Our Facebook page will often feature healthy recipes for you to try, exercises and stretches for health and well being and from time to time we include things going on in the community.

Erica Dash Podiatry has the ability to provide you with a customised orthotic within the hour using our Podiatech casting system.

All of our podiatrists have received extensive training in the use of this French equipment and remain in close contact with the rep to ensure they are using the best materials available in the fabrication of your device.

Dry Needling is another service our podiatrists offer, in simple terms, dry needling can lengthen a shortened muscle and relieve pain associated with Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendinopathy and Knee Tracking issues.

Dry needling is an effective treatment option to improve mobility around a joint due to the immediate elongation of an individual muscle or complete muscle group.

The podiatrists at Erica Dash Podiatry want to improve your lifestyle. We have two Shockwave Therapy machines at the practice (Radial and Focal). Shockwave therapy is non – invasive therapy delivering acoustic waves to the injured body area.

It is fantastic in healing fractures, reducing scar tissue post operatively, and in treating plantar fasciopathy, breaking down heel spurs, tibialis posterior dysfunction and shin splints to name a few. Shockwave therapy is suggested for chronic conditions.

Erica Dash Podiatry prescribe stretching and strengthening exercise routines to allow you to achieve optimum strength and range of motion through a joint.

The team at Erica Dash Podiatry care as much about the appearance of your feet as you do. For this reason we have invested in a Pinpointe laser.

Our laser is highly effective at killing onychomycosis (fungal nails) within one to two treatments.

Also we can test for fungus and receive the results during your consultation then we are able to offer the best treatment option for you.

Erica Dash Podiatry also offer Kery-flex nail restoration. Kery-flex is only offered through podiatry clinics.

It is the application of a flexible cosmetic nail applied in our rooms during your consultation.

It is perfect for hiding your fungal nail as it grows forward. It can be applied to disfigured nails and is great for discoloured toenails.

Kery-flex is not effected by nail varnish or acetone. If you are concerned by the appearance of your toenails speak to your podiatrist at Erica Dash Podiatry.

Erica Dash Podiatry care about you, your lifestyle and your overall health. Book an appointment today.

For more specific footwear recommendations, or treatment for more specific concerns, book an appointment with us for more personalised advice: or give reception a phone call on (02) 4367 0177


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