Your Ultimate Guide to Custom Orthotics [Costs & Best Shoes]

Your Ultimate Guide to Custom Orthotics

Orthotics have been successfully transforming the way people stand, walk, hike, and run for many years now.

If you experience foot, knee or leg pain in your daily activities then a professionally fitted custom orthotic could be the answer to your problems.

Custom orthotics can correct a wide range of problems and issues connected with your feet and legs.

This comprehensive guide will tell you all you need to know about the benefits of custom orthotics.

The Ultimate Guide to Custom Orthotics

What are Orthotics?

What are Orthotics?

Orthotics are custom shaped moulded forms that sit inside your shoes and provide essential correction and support for your feet. 

Orthotics are commonly used in the rehabilitation process after injuries or to prevent chronic foot and lower leg conditions from worsening.

Your expert podiatrist uses careful measurements and precision tools to create your custom shaped orthotic.

The orthotic will prevent excessive movement in the foot, knee and leg and promote optimal joint movement, muscle and tendon function, and natural balance.

You can expect your custom orthotic to redistribute pressure in a more balanced way. 

This reduces the impact on damaged musculoskeletal structures, prevents injury, and encourages regeneration and healing.

What Pain Conditions can Orthotics Help With?

Custom orthotics can provide real relief for a wide range of conditions that affect the feet, legs, knees, hips and lower back including:

Orthotics for Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis refers to a painful condition affecting the thick layer of tissue under the foot especially near the arch and the heel.

Plantar fasciitis is common in sportspeople who over-train or suffer from an inefficient gait as well as in the elderly.

Orthotics can correct the excessive movement and poor weight transfer that triggers this painful condition.

Plantar fasciitis

Find out why your feet are always hurting

Orthotics for Flat Feet & Arch Pain

A number of bio-mechanical problems can cause flat feet and arch pain including differing leg lengths or bones, muscles, and tendons in the feet simply not working the way they should.

Orthotics can correct these issues giving your feet the support they need to function beautifully.

Shin Splints

Shin splints can be very painful and are often the result of over-training, running on hard surfaces, and poor foot and leg mechanics such as over-pronation.

Custom orthotics help correct the mechanical imbalances that trigger the stress in the medial tibia.

Knee Pain

If you feet aren’t functioning correctly, the mechanical stress and muscle imbalances can trigger knee pain. Orthotics help to create better alignment and more efficient function from your feet to the knees, hips and lower back.


Bunions are large bony lumps that form on the inside of the foot causing pain and may eventually make walking extremely difficult.

Orthotics promote better foot function and a more balanced transfer of weight that will provide relief and help prevent bunions performing.

How can Orthotics help your Feet?

Your feet cope with an enormous amount of constantly changing weights and pressures as you move through each day.

The fact that your feet can do this is a testament to the extraordinary engineering of the human body.

But sometimes things go wrong. Pronation (when the foot rolls slightly and flattens as you move from heel to toe) is a normal part of healthy foot function and provides essential shock absorption. 

But when the foot rolls too much or doesn’t provide the necessary support it can cause painful problems.

With and Without Orthotics

Poor foot function can also trigger painful problems due to misalignment through the ankles, knees and hips.

Properly fitted custom orthotics help restore normal healthy function to your feet by doing the following:

  • Support the arches
  • Correct against over-pronation
  • Adjust for leg length discrepancies
  • Align ankles, knees and hips

Why see a Podiatrist for Orthotics?

It’s easy to forget the amazing job your feet do everyday—until things go wrong.

Just as you choose an expert engineer to fix your car, likewise, your feet need and deserve the expert attention of a qualified podiatrist.

We are specialists in foot and lower leg mechanics. And we have the specialist knowledge and tools to diagnose and treat problems affecting the feet and the structures they support.

Podiatrists are university trained and a national agency, The Podiatry Board of Australia, oversees and regulates our qualifications and training.

So, when you come to one of the qualified podiatrists at Erica Dash Podiatry, you know that you’re in the capable hands of an expert.

Give the Experts at Erica Dash a Call

Our Orthotics Assessment by a Podiatrist

We realise that custom orthotics can be expensive.

That’s why we will only recommend them after thoroughly assessing your medical history and completing an in-depth bio-mechanical and gait analysis.

Step 1 

Bio-mechanical Assessment

  • We complete a detailed bio-mechanical assessment of your feet, gait and posture. 
  • We use industry-leading 3D scanning tools such as the Podiatech Podoscope and Posturescope to provide precise measurements of pressure points, structural alignment and postural issues, and faulty motion and support functions.  
  • We use weight-bearing casts to create an accurate imprint of how your feet respond to pressure when standing.
  • Many podiatrists still use non-weight bearing casts but the foot tissue changes shape significantly under pressure and non-weight bearing casts are simply not accurate enough.

Step 2

Recommend Orthotic Type

  • If our assessment indicates that you would benefit from using orthotics we will recommend an orthotic that is appropriate for your specific foot / gait problems. 
  • We’ll also take into account the kinds of activities you do.  
  • We have a wide range of orthotics to choose from and can create a solution to suit your needs and your budget.
  • We offer custom orthotics as well as prefabricated orthotics but you are under no obligation to purchase any specific orthotic. 

 Step 3

Orthotics Fitting Session

  • Fitting your orthotics to you and your footwear is an essential part of the process. 
  • This is where we can make any necessary minor adjustments and ensure the orthotics sit correctly in your shoes.
  • Orthotics can make an enormous difference to the way you move and often an adjustment period is essential.
  • Your podiatrist will advise you so that can adjust to your orthotics gradually and comfortably.

Step 4

Orthotics Review Consultation

  • After a couple of weeks, your Erica Dash podiatrist will follow up with you to check on your progress. 
  • This is an opportunity to review how your body is adapting to the changes and make any necessary adjustments for optimal function.
  • This is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have.
  • You can bring your orthotics in for modification as many times as you need throughout the first month with no extra charge.

Same Day Custom Orthotic Service

Erica Dash Podiatry offers same day orthotics solutions for your feet problems.

We carefully craft your orthotics on the premises, which means they can be ready within the hour.

You enjoy a coffee or shop for shoes in our store while you wait or you can come back and pick them up later that day, whatever suits you.

Same Day Custom Orthotic Service

Non-Custom Prefabricated Orthotics

Prefabricated orthotics offer really solid support for those on a budget.

Range of Styles

We offer three styles in our off the shelf orthotics range: Low, Medium or High arch.  

This means you can choose the best fit for you. You can also choose prefabricated orthotics specifically designed for your favourite activities including:

  • Slim - for the corporate business shoe
  • Outdoor - for hiking and extended walking
  • Active - for active sports, runners & gym users
  • Cyclismo - for specialist cyclists’ shoes
  • Tennis - for real support at the net
  • Basketball - for pounding the courts

Wide size range

All our prefabricated orthotics are available in shoe sizes as follows:

  • US 3-4 (XS)
  • US 5-6 (S)
  • US 7-8 (M)
  • US 9-10 (L)
  • US 11-12 (XL)
  • US 13-14 (XXL)

These wide range of sizes enables the best fit for your medial longitudinal arch and support for your transverse metatarsal arch and calcaneal support.

Our unisex footbeds all come with semi-rigid mid foot control and breathable covers. And they’re all available through a secure online shopping gateway.

Premium Sidas Orthotics

Orthotic Costs

Your quote on your custom orthotics is all-inclusive. There are no surprise adjustment or review costs.

The quote includes assessment, casting, manufacture, fitting and any adjustments required for a 4-week period. 

You will also receive a follow-up phone call 2 weeks into your wear of the orthotics.

We use the world-leading Sidas orthotics. There is no hard plastic.

All orthotics are covered with a soft EVA and finished with your choice of vinyl or leather.

Custom Orthotic Costs 

All orthotics are inclusive of assessment, casting, manufacture, fitting and any adjustments required for a 4-week period. 





Full custom slim orthotic designed for fitting into rugby boots. Features cushioning at the front, soft heel aperture, resin controlled arch (rigid or semi rigid).

Excellent choice for those with a heel condition such as plantar fasciitis or heel spurs requiring a slim fit orthotic.

Can also control excessive supination.



The orthotic for anyone with a heel condition- plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, Achilles tendinitis, Sever's disease.

This orthotic boasts a large heel cushion with a thicker resin arch and generous forefoot padding.

The orthotic can be made hard and controlling or shock absorbing depending on the wearer’s requirements



Strong reinforced resin arch fill – for the over pronator or person with no medial arch.

Designed to control excessive pronation. 

This orthotic can be made firm and rigid, or with increased shock absorbing depending on the patient’s needs and activity levels.



With extra cushioning and reinforcement under the 1st metatarsophalangeal joint, the “Golf” footbed is the appropriate choice for pronators or patients with bunions or callous formation under their first ray (big toe joint). 

Also the choice for patients with Hallux rigidis/limitis.


City Lady

This orthotic boasts a heavy resin throughout the heel and midfoot to control overpronation, and a slim line cushioned forefoot to fit court shoes, heels, and men’s dress shoes.

It’s an excellent choice for R.M. Williams boots. Can be used to control excessive supination.


Corrective Post

For the patient with an excessive intoe (pigeon toe) or Out toe (duck/penguin feet), to immediately correct excessive gait anomalies (such as intoe/out toe) to have you walking straighter on the same day.


Non Custom Orthotic (Insoles) Costs 

All orthotics are covered with a soft EVA and finished with your choice of vinyl or leather.





Designed to fit the corporate business shoe with a slimline forefoot, breathable, microfibre cover. (They are washable)

An EVA shell helps with foot support and pressure distribution.

Available in Low, Medium and High arch



Designed for the hiker or long walker. 

Features include maximal breathability and forefoot comfort cushion.

EVA foot support for pressure distribution during hikes and adequate heel cushioning.

All come with an antibacterial cover. Available in Low, Medium and High arch. *2 year warranty



Designed for the active sports/gym goer/person.  

These footbeds are light weight, have an EVA forefoot cushion and gel cushion.

The midsole is a stiffer EVA allowing maximum foot control during activity.

Available in Low, Medium and High arch. *2 year warranty


Orthotic Friendly Shoes

Your shoes can make an enormous difference to your foot and leg health. So, it’s important to choose the best shoes for orthotics that provide real support and comfort.

A stable platform base, supportive uppers, and firm fixings such as laces or Velcro help to ensure you get the best out of your orthotics.

We stock a wide variety of shoes (fashion, running, walking) and sandals to help you love the activities you enjoy.

Fashionable Shoes

Our Revere and Vionic ranges provide an enormous choice of fashionable shoes and sandals.

These are specially designed to provide the support and shock absorption you need and will accommodate orthotics.



The Revere and Vionic ranges offer a selection of classy sandals for men and women.

Podiatrist designed footbeds and EVA midsoles provide exceptional arch support and cushioning.

Revere Shoes
Hoka Black Valor


The Hoka range is perfect for running and feature form-fitting uppers, superior comfort, and well designed rockers to help you run effortlessly.


The Hoka range includes a variety of men’s and women’s shoes that will make walking an absolute dream.

Comfort, support, orthotic compatible, and exceptional shock absorbing qualities make Hoka the ideal choice for all-day comfort.

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