Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (EWST)

What is ESWT?​ESWT is a non-invasive therapy that uses mechanical waves transmitted through a metal head.  The metal head repeatedly pulses at the affected area to transfer the mechanical waves to the area of your body affected. ESWT is beneficial because it can treat the condition extra corporeally, meaning outside the body. Previously, ESWT has been used to treat kidney stones […]

Tibialis Posterior Dysfunction

Tibialis Posterior Dysfunction: A common treatable cause of foot pain and flat footThe most common cause of a flatfoot deformity in an otherwise healthy person is dysfunction of the tibialis posterior tendon. The tibialis posterior tendon is the main stabilising muscle of the arch of your foot.The diagnosis of tibialis posterior tendon dysfunction at Erica dash podiatry is largely a […]

The Ideal Shoe

What is an inappropriate shoe?Generally speaking, we as podiatrists generally define a shoe as being inappropriate if it has the following features:A worn or slippery soleNo firm heel counterNo fixation i.e. laces, straps, VelcroA heel height greater than 4cmA soft midsole offering no supportA narrow heel with minimal ground contact i.e. stiletto shoes×432.jpgWhat are the dangers of inappropriate footwear?When […]

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