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Our feet and legs are marvels of biomechanical engineering that are designed to absorb an enormous amount of daily use and wear and tear.

Our feet take a hammering every day but sometimes they cry, ‘enough’ and send us a sharp, painful warning sign.

Neuroma and Shin splints are two very common and painful warning signs that our feet and legs are not happy. We need to heed these warning signs and seek proper treatment.

 Neuroma (Morton’s Neuroma)


Intense, shooting foot pain in the front of the foot that ceases when you stop walking, or is relieved temporarily when you massage the area is a typical symptom of Neuroma.

Sometimes, a neuroma may produce the feeling of a stone or other object inside the ball of your foot. You may also experience cramping at night.

The painful symptoms can persist for increasingly lengthy periods and will gradually worsen if not treated.


The technical term, intermetatarsel neuroma, indicates the source of this debilitating problem. It usually occurs between the metatarsal bones of the third and fourth toes and is the result of a swelling and inflammation of the nerves in that area.

When the nerve is repeatedly compressed and irritated, the nerve swells and hardens. This can lead to permanent nerve damage. It is the aggravation or pinching of this nerve that sends such a sharp, painful warning to the sufferer.

Morton’s neuroma tends to occur more frequently in women and is usually triggered by tight shoes or high heels, which place pressure on the ball of the foot.

Other foot problems such as bunions, hammertoes or plantar fasciitis may also play a part in the development of a neuroma.

Repetitive activities such as running can exacerbate the condition, especially if there are issues with your shoes or running gait (such as over-pronation).


Neuroma is painful but the good news is that it responds well to professional treatment. It is vital that you see the experts at Erica Dash Podiatry immediately because the nerve damage can become permanent if left untreated.

A thorough Biomechanical Assessment at Erica Dash Podiatry will quickly determine the cause of the painful nerve damage. The very effective treatment will have you back on your feet very quickly and may include the following:

  • supportive cushioning in your shoes
  • moulded orthotics
  • non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication

So Call Erica Dash on 43670177 now to make your appointment for an assessment or simply fill out the online form to get in touch. With Erica Dash, you will be up and running faster than ever.

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