Walkers Urea Cream – Why We Love it

Why do we love Walkers Urea Cream?We usually recommend Walkers urea-based cream for dry, calloused, and cracked skin. The active ingredient ‘urea’ increases skin moisture by removing dead skin cells and improving the ability of the skin to hold water. These factors make this cream highly moisturising. We sell 2 different types of Walkers urea cream – urea 15 and urea 25.Urea 15 […]

FRANKi4’s are the coolest podiatry shoes you’ll ever own

FRANKi4’s – Ticks all the Boxes!FRANKi4 is a footwear company overseen by a team of podiatrists and physiotherapists. FRANKi4 shoes are designed to be comfortable, podiatry-friendly, and stylish – finally… a shoe that ticks all the boxes! We have fallen in love with how these shoes feel on our feet, while still managing to look fashionable. FRANKiE4’s court-style shoes and ACTiVE […]

5 Steps To Diabetes Foot Care

Step 1 – Check Your Feet DailyIf you have diabetes, you are at risk of developing damage to the nerves and capillaries in your feet. This means that if you have damaged nerves and/or blood supply, you are at risk of developing a wound that is difficult to heal. This may be caused from a small break in skin, sometimes a blister, […]

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