The Ideal Shoe

What is an inappropriate shoe?Generally speaking, we as podiatrists generally define a shoe as being inappropriate if it has the following features:A worn or slippery soleNo firm heel counterNo fixation i.e. laces, straps, VelcroA heel height greater than 4cmA soft midsole offering no supportA narrow heel with minimal ground contact i.e. stiletto shoes×432.jpgWhat are the dangers of inappropriate footwear?When […]

Morton’s Neuroma by Jacqueline Horne

What is a Morton’s neuroma?A Morton’s neuroma, or perineural fibroma, is the enlargement and fibrosis of a small nerve known as the common digital nerve.First, some quick anatomy to put everything into perspective:The forefoot as shown in Image a, is made up of the metatarsal bones (labelled 1) and the phalanges (labelled 2). There are numerous arteries, veins, nerves, tendons, […]

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