FRANKi4’s are the coolest podiatry shoes you’ll ever own

FRANKi4's - Ticks all the Boxes!

FRANKi4 is a footwear company overseen by a team of podiatrists and physiotherapists. FRANKi4 shoes are designed to be comfortable, podiatry-friendly, and stylish – finally... a shoe that ticks all the boxes!

We have fallen in love with how these shoes feel on our feet, while still managing to look fashionable. FRANKiE4’s court-style shoes and ACTiVE range are orthotic-friendly too!

We have started stocking FRANKiE4 due to the high demand and requests from our patients. People want podiatry-friendly shoes that are also fashionable.

Currently, we have 3 different styles in stock:

1. MiM (blush):


This shoe is perfect for wearing casually around the shops, out to brunch, or at work.  

They are orthotic-friendly shoes with adequate support at the rearfoot and midfoot. They also have a removable innersole.

2.  STEViE (white clay):


This is the perfect casual shoe that also makes a fashion statement!

These shoes have a soft, comfortable leather that gives slightly with wear, and they are orthotic friendly!

3. TAMBO (black speckle):

This is a great duty shoe that is both water and slip resistant! Perfect for people who need a comfortable work shoe (and we sell all black so it goes with everything).

It also has a slight ‘rocker’ shape at the front for added comfort when walking around. This ‘rocker’ shape is also great at addressing any forefoot issues. 

Our Team Will Help

If you want to try the shoes on to see how you feel for yourself, our reception staff are great at helping you find the right size and style for what you need.


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