Tailor’s Bunion

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Tailor’s Bunion

Symptoms of tailor’s bunion

Tailor’s bunion (bunionette) is a type of bunion that develops on the outside of the foot near the little toe. The symptoms are very similar to hallux valgus deformity but as the tip of the little toe twists in, a bony lump forms at the base of the little toe (the fifth metatarsal). The name, ‘tailor’s bunion’, came from the painful lumps tailors developed on their feet after sitting cross-legged for lengthy periods.

Causes of tailor’s bunion

  • Poor bio mechanics
  • high arched foot
  • tight, narrow shoes
  • inherited structural weaknesses in the feet

Treatment of tailor’s bunion

Erica Dash Podiatry applies a methodical and meticulous Biomechanical Assessment to correct these underlying issues and give you same day relief from pain. The symptoms of tailor’s bunion will be rapidly reduced with the following:

  • deflective cushioning in your shoes
  • customised orthotics
  • toe wedges
  • a course of foot mobilisation therapy

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