• Pigeon Toes



Pigeon toes or in toeing is said to develop as the result of the baby’s position in the womb. It is believed that family history may also influence the development of this deformity.


The front half of the feet turning in toward each other when walking is the typical symptom of pigeon toes. This deformity may cause problems with balance and difficulty in walking.

The unnatural position of the feet places strain on other joints such as the knees and may lead to increased fatigue.


In most young children, the deformity will correct itself with time. However, if the pigeon toes are becoming an uncomfortable issue for your child the following treatments will bring relief and speed the process of healing:

  • Gentle manipulation of the feet to correct the foot shape
  • Moulded orthotics
  • Stretching exercises

Erica Dash Podiatry has the same day solution to reduce or even correct pigeon toes for both children and adults.

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