Haglund’s Deformity (Pump Bump)

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Haglund’s Deformity (Pump Bump)

Symptoms of Haglund’s Deformity (Pump Bump)

The principle symptom of Haglund’s deformity is the development of a painful bump at the back of the heel and possibly, blisters.

Causes of Haglund’s Deformity (Pump Bump)

The most common cause is wearing tight shoes, such as women’s pumps or sling back shoes, giving it the colloquial name, ‘pump bump’.  The continuous pressure and inflammation of the shoes irritates the soft tissue around the Achilles tendon insertion and can lead to further complications such as Bursitis.

The following conditions may contribute to the development of Haglund’s deformity:

  • High arches
  • Tight Achilles tendon and calf muscles
  • Inefficient gait that puts pressure on the outside of the heel
  • Poor footwear choices

Treatment of Haglund’s Deformity (Pump Bump)

A thorough Biomechanical Assessment at Erica Dash Podiatry will quickly identify any contributing factors. Very effective treatment may include the following:

  • Supportive cushioning in your shoes
  • Exercises to stretch and strengthen the muscles and tendons in the feet and legs.
  • Footwear Advice

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